Awakened Method™

Our life story is held in our bodies; from our first experience in the womb to the present moment.

These stories, along with the environment holding them, express through our bodies as health or dis-ease. All stories have joys, growth, shock, and trauma. It's the stories of trauma and shock that dysregulate the mind-body-earth connection- leaving our system fragmented and affecting health, relationships, and our life experience as a whole.

The Awakened Method weaves per & perinatal birth psychology, ecopsychology, & spiritual psychology through a continuum relationship field rekindling the connection to Authentic Self, Community, and Mother Earth. Our story from the womb brings a contextual understanding of how we form relationships with self, others, community, and the plant. When looking through this lens we can understand how climate change, disease, war, and our current political system has evolved.

I'm honored to hold space as you explore your story and find resourcing to bring more functionality, clarity, and connection to your authentic self, for a life full of exploration. 

Ecological Layers of Support

Mindful, Conscious, and Ecological Living

Mental Ecology

views a deeper level in the relationship between cognition and behavior. Through this lens, we understand the human mind is interdependent on the culture from which it arises. The mind and environment are experiences and actions in how culture otherwise influences cognitive and behavioral functionality. 

Spiritual Ecology

views a deeper level between the outer and inner environments as foundational layers to where we are in the present moment. For us to address our outer ecological crisis we first must understand our inner story to bring more functionality

Local Ecology

views a deeper look into biodiversity within the community. Health within a community is more than illness, it’s about the ecosystem of social, spiritual, mental, physical, education, and emotional welfare.

Physical Ecology

views a deeper level of interdependent relationship with body, existence, and planet. When being embodied the trust is present allowing for safety to be present. Through the lens of physical ecology, it brings awareness to our storyline with our bodies bring our existences present and how we relate to our environment.

Educational Ecology

views a deeper level facilitating the creation of systems that reflect patterns and principles of ecology. Holding space through the lens of ecological education it’s not the acquisition of knowledge but the interconnectedness of it. This brings expanded awareness in knowledge for complex and novel situations opening creative problem solving to higher levels.

Emotional Ecology

views a deep complex combination of sensation and feeling. How we perceive something and how we feel about it bring our values. Emotional ecology integrates a functional relationship with needs, sensations, and feelings. Holding space through this lens allows the emotional texture of our experiences giving room for functional expression. 

Social Ecology

Views a deeper level of our economic, ethnic, cultural and gender functionality or dysregulation and fragmentation throughout the community. We support regenerative resourcing for a more interdependent community for greater well-being, quality of life, and connection. Social ecology brings to light the often-overlooked fact that nearly all our present ecological problems arise from a deep-seated social conversation in the community.

Mindful Culture for rekindling a connection to the Land.

Mindful mind for Freedom of Choice.

Mindful Embodiment for Experiencing life.

Mindful Heart for Empathy & Compassion.

Mindful Communication for Social Change.

Mindful education for regeneration.

Mindful Society through Interconnects to all.