Let me invite you to somatic therapy in Portland

If your journey has brought you here today, you have come to the right place. Welcome.

Let me invite you to experience the interconnection of life in a deeper way with somatic trauma therapy.

You have been drawn to improving your quality of life, finding calm and perhaps discovering your life’s purpose. You’re ready to experience your authentic being by way of authentic living. Introducing inner child work therapy.

The stories of the past and present are ready to be transformed. You’re open and receptive to shifting struggles in your relationship with yourself and others; whether in partnership, as a child or a parent, or in your workplace.

Perhaps you’re about to embark on one of the most transformative experiences of many people’s lives – bringing a child into the world. And you seek a holistic approach that begins with or through that decision all the way to childbirth and beyond.

The Awakened Method is fundamentally about relationship fields, conscious journeying and transformation.

Somatic healing therapy is a relatively new field of therapeutic intervention that has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of a wide range of physical, psychological and emotional issues. This includes Somatic Movement Therapy (SMT), which is a movement-based approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the use of the body as a tool for self-awareness, exploration and change. Proponents of SMT believe that through movement we can access unconscious material, emotions and memories that are stored in the body. By becoming aware of these somatic experiences, we can begin to understand and change our emotional and behavioral patterns. Somatic Movement Therapy has been shown to be helpful for a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma and chronic pain.

Find peace of mind through movement with somatic therapy in Portland.

“One of the most precious aspects of Mindful Ways Eco Village is their parent education classes. As a community of parents, we have the opportunity to learn about the Awakened Method in more depth, share experiences, and offer support. Understanding my own trauma has enabled me to better understand the needs of my child. Behavior issues during toddlerhood can be so frustrating and confusing at times, but the Awakened Method has taught me how to check in with myself; identify my feelings, my needs, and whether or not I’m feeling activated from past trauma. In doing so, I am better able to self-regulate and can become more available for my child in facilitating her support. The Awakened Method has shifted my parenting style from reactionary to reflective and I’m more present when holding space for my daughter as she goes through her own life experiences.

Learning how to hold space for myself and sit with uncomfortable feelings of the past have been an invaluable tool that I’ve learned while working with Jennifer. Rewiring myself to be in the present and not let past trauma make decisions for the future has been life Changing.”

-Kiely modiri, San Jose Ca