Awakened Method 

The Awakened Method weaves mindfulness, pre and perinatal birth psychology, eco and spiritual psychology, modern attachment theory and polyval theory through a continuum relationship field that rekindles the connection to authentic self, community, and mother earth.

Come join a movement that is shifting the healing culture into the 21st century. Evolve your practice through the Awakened Method and gain resources for an expansive private client base that supports the self, individuals, and families. This training can be taken to follow one of the three tracks; Awakened Parent Educator/Facilitator, Awakened Pre & Perinatal Practitioner, and Awakened Somatic Therapist or Self-Exploration. 

Mindful, Conscious, and Ecological Practice

Understand the storylines of shock and trauma
Identify the storylines of complex perinatal themes
Learn to evolve progressive interventions for clients
Importance of functionality in a therapeutic office space to experientially treat
Holding space through co-regulations
Exploring somatic and movement expression for body based interventions
Identify the dysregulated and fragmented parts of the storyline

7 Modules & Apprenticeship
15 – 24 months to complete

“I’m honored to hold space as you explore your story and find resources to bring more functionality, clarity, and connection to your authentic self, for a life full of exploration.”

-Jennifer Jeffcoat

Awakened Parent Educator/ Facilitator

Pre & Perinatal Practitioner

Awakened Somatic Therapist/ Self-Exploration

Awakened Somatic Circle Workshops

“The Earth’s cry for rescue from the punishing weight of the industrial system we have created is our own cry for a scale and quality of life that will free each of us to become the complete person we know we were born to be.”

Learning how to hold space for myself and sit with uncomfortable feelings of the past have been an invaluable tool that I’ve learned while working with Jennifer. Rewiring myself to be in the present and not let past trauma make decisions for the future has been life Changing.”

-Theodore Roszak