Awakened Methodâ„¢ Certification

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Our life story is held in our bodies; from our first experience in the womb to the present moment.

These stories, along with the environment holding them, express through our bodies as health or dis-ease. All stories have joys, growth, and trauma. It's the stories of trauma that dysregulate the mind-body-connection- leaving our system fragmented and affecting health, relationships, and our life experience as a whole.

Awakened Method

The Awakened Method weaves per & perinatal birth psychology, ecopsychology, & spiritual psychology through a continuum relationship field rekindling the connection to Authentic Self, Community, and Mother Earth. Our story from the womb brings a contextual understanding of how we form relationships with self, others, community, and the plant. When looking through this lens we can understand how climate change, disease, war, and our current political system has evolved.

Come join us in exploring your story and find resourcing to bring more functionality, clarity, and connection to your authentic self, for a life full of exploration. This workshop is focused on self-exploration and professionals wanting to deepen the integration of co-regulation with clients. Come join us in being a Culture Creative with starting new systems in birth, parenting, education, therapy, and authentic living.